99% of Humanity still have no idea what Blockchain and Crypto Currencies is about.

Let's help change that problem together.


Free BC Token Eligibilty for Registered Account Users.

Blockchain Company (BC) aims to provide a sustainable and quality utility media platform and visual search engine that brings Blockchain Discovery to everyone! Therefore registered users on record from March 17, 2017 will receive a Free distribution of BC Utility Tokens, for helping influence our Decentralized Network Effect (DNE) through user activity as follows:

Users on record by September 30, 2017 will receive 1000 BC Tokens. Allocated to Registered User, Locked and Assigned.

Users on record by October 31, 2017 will receive 500 BC Tokens. Allocated to Registered User, Locked and Assigned.

After October 31, 2017, new users will be allocated "unassigned" BC Tokens between 100 and 400 on a random selection basis, from our gamified token supply user reserve.

We will provide further information how to receive your free tokens as we get closer to launching of our official 'free crowdsale of BC Token' to be consequently listed on respective cryptocurrency exchanges. We will also provide information on our terms and conditions, of how users can unlock their assigned tokens in return for Blockchain Company utility activities, such as making critical comments on curated articles, sharing content, inviting friends, setting and asking qualitative questions with respect to curated content and other user tasks we request. All assigned tokens will be initially locked and consequently unlocked proportionally for user activity and task contributions, in helping Blockchain Company build a tangible utility platform for blockchain discovery. Information will be sent to your email address on record and will also be published on our platform.

Kindly Note* If you are a United States Resident or Citizen

United States Citizens and Residents can go ahead and register as a user on Blockchain Company, however your free tokens assigned will be frozen indefinitely, until such a time we can ascertain US Laws, or our Legal Counsel advise and allow us to distribute them to you accordingly.

Tips on how to accelerate locked tokens before and after free distribution.

You can start doing the following activities now and your profile, including our backend will track your activity:

1. Register by creating an account

2. Invite friends and colleagues and tell them to follow you

3. Make critical comments on curated content topics, so users can like and vote you upwards

4. Suggest blockchain solutions in the comment area of curated content on topics you care about, or have abilities about

5. Ask A Question in the comment area of curated content, on topics you discover and want knowledgable user answers to, or want to learn more about

6. Set a task, or problem solving question in the comment area of curated content on topics you care about

The blockchain is perhaps the most exciting, revolutionary and paradigm technology since commercialisation of the internet. This technology has several layers of usability, complexities and learning, that will ultimately help democratise almost every industry and provide new career opportunities to everyone. The blockchain is also referred to as Internet 2.0, or the the Internet of Value! Meaning, ultimately the tokenisation of almost everything over years to come. Tokens whether you acquired them freely, or through ICO's ( Initial Coin Offerings ), can either increase or decrease in market value. Any appreciation in market price of tokens and cryptocurrencies is considered value.

BC Token is our first crypto utility asset token offered for free, out of up to 35 blockchain applications on our roadmap for development. Users will be able to utilize BC Token over our platform as a means of payment and p2p exchange. BC Token will also seek listings on crypto exchanges at determined market cap value and as a means of asset liquidity and exchange.

About Blockchain Company.

Blockchain Company is a utility that connects everyone through media and technology to the ecosystem of blockchain.

Through our visual UI and Search Engine, you can discover blockchain apps, crypto currencies, news, token offers, blockchain use cases, white papers, decentralized offerings and more. BC has over 30 strong use case apps we are going to be building and rolling out, over years to come.

Start engaging with Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), and global ecosystem of the blockchain.

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Follow and improve your knowledge graph about the blockchain. You can like, comment, vote, send private messages and share blockchain apps or news stories you need, or care about. You can also post your talent profile to our ' Jobs and Talent ' category if you have blockchain related work experience, for employer discovery. The demand for blockchain professionals is extremely high.

Our algorithm awards users with points, for legitimate action activities on the platform. Points earned may later be converted to Bonus Tokens in a " Blockchain Company " Decentralized Offering event, at our discretion and subject to terms and conditions. So go ahead, signup and start earning points for engaging with the global blockchain ecosystem.

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