99% of Humanity still have no idea what Blockchain and Crypto Currencies is about.

Let's help change that problem together.


As a first step, Blockchain Company (BC) aims to provide a sustainable and quality social media utility and visual search engine, that will help make blockchain informational discovery accessible to everyone!

Tips on how to accumulate a variety of tokens airdropped from Blockchain Company and Client Users.

Start doing the following activities to gain visibility of your user profile account over BC:

1. Register by creating an account

2. Invite friends and colleagues and tell them to follow your profile page

2. Check your email after signing up on how to create a Blockchain Page. It's a bit like creating a Facebook Page. Your blockchain page allows you to keep track of our quality curated content and share them directly with friends, colleagues and employers, or for discovery.

3. Make critical comments on curated content so users can like and vote you upwards

4. Suggest solutions in the comment area of curated content on topics you care about, or have domain expertise, or abilities about the subject

5. Ask questions in the comment area of curated content, on topics you discover and want knowledgable answers to, or need to learn more about

6. Set a task, or problem solving question in the comment area of curated content on topics you care about

The more engaging you are on Blockchain Company, the more visible and knowledgeble you become about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Employers are looking and we aim to reward active users with a variety of our tokens as we release them.

Blockchain is perhaps the most exciting, revolutionary and paradigm technology since commercialisation of the internet during the 1990's. This technology has several layers of usability, complexities and learning, that will ultimately help reorganise and democratise almost every industry, and provide new career opportunities to everyone. The blockchain is also referred to as Internet 2.0, or the the Internet of Value! Meaning, ultimately the tokenisation of almost everything over several years to come. Tokens whether you acquired them freely, or through ICO's ( Initial Coin Offerings ), can either increase or decrease in market value. Any appreciation in market price of tokens and cryptocurrencies is considered value. This is why you need to get involved, as tokens earned from a variety of sources become another source of income in a new democratised global economy. Don't be a luddite or a laggard... sign up by creating an account and get involved!

More About Blockchain Company.

Blockchain Company is an ecosystem of decentralized business to consumer applications, cryptocurrencies, protocols, and utility tokens. Our apps are gradually being rolled out on a short to long term development roadmap.

Our Visual UI and Search Engine allows you to discover blockchain apps, crypto currencies, news, token offers, blockchain use cases, white papers, ICO's and more. Users, Organizations and Businesses can curate blockchain pages to track content they care about, or to engage business activity with other registered users over the platform.

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Follow content and improve your knowledge graph about the blockchain. You can like, comment, vote, send private messages and share blockchain apps or news stories you need, or care about. You are allowed to post your talent resume or cv to our ' Jobs and Talent ' category if you have blockchain related work experience for employer discovery. Demand for professionals with any blockchain related experience is extremely high.

Our algorithm awards users with points, for legitimate action activities over the platform. Points earned may later be converted to Bonus Tokens in any of " Blockchain Company " ICO events, at our discretion and subject to our terms and conditions. Users who were already signed up between March 2017 and end of October 2017 will be awarded respectively, our previously agreed amount of utility " BC Tokens " when such tokens are issued. BC Token (To be announced at any later date) is a specific utility token, not to be confused with other tokens or cryptocurrencies issued by Blockchain Company.

Start discovering what the blockchain is all about today on Blockchain Company. Get involved!

Note* Only authorized paid businesses are allowed to post their content on BC. Users are only allowed to " curate " content they discover on BC for their blockchain page. We deliberately disallow the posting of content by users in order to maintain strict quality of professionally curated media and journalism. We do this to provide a seamless user experience, devoid of fake news proliferating social networks and scams. We fully reserve the right to banish any user or business abusing usability over Blockchain Company network. If you are a business or organisation who wants to start publishing content or an ICO to attract followers and grow your brand, email us: contact@blockchaincompany.info

Are you a Business, Organization, or Service Provider who wants to improve growth and branding? Are you interested in marketing your Tokens or Cryptocurrency after an ICO event? Or are you launching an ICO and want to attract interested followers who may convert to potential buyers?

Contact us to learn about Publishing your media content, utility Tokens, Cryptocurrency, or ICO on Blockchain Company. Whether you are interested in short term marketing, long term marketing to accumulate followers or you simply want to publish your ICO event, then contact us. Our Publishing Subscriptions and Advertising will allow you to pay with BTC, ETH, or with your own Cryptocurrency.

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