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Listen To Unchained Podcast: Big Ideas From The Worlds Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: Circle's Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville on Why Crypto Will Be Bigger Than the Web - Ep.71 (
Jeremy Allaire, cofounder and CEO of Circle, and Sean Neville, cofounder and president, discuss why they think the internet of value will be even bigger than the internet of information and how all assets will be tokenized.

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They also talk about why they're launching a stable coin, how their services in payments, exchange and investing will compete against decentralized versions of the same, and how they chose the assets for Circle Invest -- and why XRP didn't make the cut.

They also address the investor presentation circulated that claimed the SEC would not pursue enforcement against Poloniex for prior activity and explain why Circle took investment from Bitmain despite negative sentiment against the mining equipment manufacturer. And they explain how Circle could compete once Wall Street incumbents begin to offer competitive services in crypto.

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Circle's plans around a federal banking license and brokerage and trading registration:

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Unchained podcasts are always interesting. Tapscott said once that blockchains solve the problem of storing, moving, and transacting value without a powerful intermediary. That is why the internet of value is going to be bigger and better than the Internet of Information. The speakers support this and also so called "stable coins"(cryptocurrencies meant to hold stable values) by launching one soon. I am not a strong believer of stable coins, as they are more like a crypto that substitute fiat currencies, what is highly speculative by now, and it can have more problems than benefits. We will see what space have stable coins in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem in the future. What do you think?