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From banking to shipping to entertainment to higher education, industries are testing the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology. What sectors will pioneer the most radical advancements?

Which start-ups or established companies will lead them? And where are the investment opportunities?

Garrick Hileman
Head of Research, Blockchain

Jamie Burke
CEO, Outlier Ventures

Sally Eaves
CEO, Sustainable Asset Exchange (SAX), Forbes Technology Council and Professor of Advanced Technologies

Sean Kiernan
CEO, Dag Global

Ioana Surpateanu
Co-Head of European Government Affairs, Citi
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    Jorn van Zwanenburg Blockchain researcher & Tokenomist Great panel discussion.

    "platform monopolies have led to data monopolies which have led to AI monopolies." Dr Goertzel is trying to build what Jamie Burke is describing.

    "In order to create large scale decentralized systems, you need three things: mechanisms of enforcement, incentive mechanisms and reputation mechanisms."
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Fantastic debate on blockchain already being seriously considered to transform business by very smart people in business, education and governments. It is very important to note how blockchain is being distinguished from all crypto as the important global and disrupting concept, where crypto is a central element for the tokenisation of digital economy.