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Watch: BITCOIN'S NEXT STOP IS $14400. Can we bury alts? (
CNBC CRYPTOTRADER brings you 4 big guests in studio.
Charlie Shrem, Yoni Assia, Gabor Burbacs and Saum Noursalehi.
Is Bitcoin a hedge against a recession?
Are alts dead? Can we bury them?
Patrick Byrne Resigns!! What about Tzero.
Coinbase buys parts of XAPO!
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst We are not BTC maximalists. But we believe BTC could be, long term, a good asset to invest on times of economic uncertainty. Alt coins however need more time to grow and evolve. We expect the crypto market to be very different in five years from now in terms of Alt coins. Investors need to be cautious and judge where to invest in the crypto landscape, thinking not in speculative terms but on long term goals.
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