Blockchain Research Special: Cape Town Water Crisis - Day Zero (
A small team from our startup Blockchain Company (BC) will be visiting Cape Town South Africa for 2 weeks this mid Feb, 2018. Not only do we love and see great potential for Cape Town and the diversity of South Africa, we also believe we need to help find solutions for Water Drought plaguing parts of our planet, from Cape Town to Southern California. 

Being there in Cape Town and experiencing water drought first hand and seeing how citizens and the city is coping, should give Blockchain Company team empirical insights, on how we can help find near and long term solutions utilising Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies. and are two assets among over 50 blockchain assets in our portfolio for roadmap development. We believe we have innovative blockchain solution ideas that can help solve all kinds of use case problems in the interim and for the long term sustainability of places like Cape Town and all over the world.

Xanthea Limberg from the Cape Town Mayoral Committee of Utilities joins us with an update on the ongoing water crisis in Cape Town.

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