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Bitcoin uses constantly growing, encrypted ledgers of transactions known as blockchains to allow secure transactions. Among other uses of blockchain technology, bitcoin has developed an elegant method for transferring value from one person to another.

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 This is interesting from a technological perspective, and we can agree that this technology has some value. But how much? More important, how do we characterize the action of putting money at risk by buying bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency?

 For one thing, we don’t call it gambling. Gambling means binary bets with high probability of failure.

With cryptocurrencies, you’re investing in the future potential of this technology, not a binary situation.

The ultimate question is: As an investment, is bitcoin going to be worth $200,000 or $20,000 or $20? It’s my view that blockchain technology will be ubiquitous in the future.

Whether it is bitcoin, which is the leader and commands the highest market cap, or another cryptocurrency, we are witnessing the creation of a completely new asset class and are in uncharted waters.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst While Bitcoin has been in the mind of people since last year craziness, Blockchain, the technology behind it, is slowly but strongly coming into the front and nobody doubts that is the real deal, the technology which is going to change everything in few years time.
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