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A podcast by Manuel Stagars:

 Tone Vays speak about his approach to technical analysis of the bitcoin price, why other cryptoassets can't reach Bitcoin, relevant time frames for analyzing the bitcoin price, which companies in the blockchain space make sense, ICOs (mostly why they don't make sense), Bitcoin as a working example of decentralization, proof of work, real assets on the blockchain, starting his own business, what would happen if Bitcoin went away, getting information about cryptoassets from podcasts and YouTube, comparisons between Wall Street and the crypto Wild West, worst case scenarios for Bitcoin, misunderstandings of Bitcoin, why he loves being an educator, role models, knowing when to quit a job, ethics in the crypto space, and much more.

 Tone is an independent content creator focusing on economics & finance at LibertyLifeTrail with his own YouTube channel and podcast. Before that, he has worked on Wall Street for almost ten years starting as a Risk Analyst at Bear Stearns where he had a front row seat watching its collapse in the 2008 crash and he later became a vice president at JP Morgan Chase.

Tone is famous for his technical analysis of Bitcoin and his price predictions, and he was recently featured in the Bitcoin Documentary Magic Money.

 Tone Vays:
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst According to Tone ICOs don't make any sense and are basically scam. He is very entertaining but actually a Bitcoin maximalist. Altcoins and tokens are basically tools for speculation or just based in vapour. Only Bitcoin blockchain is good. His confidence and his past analysis can confuse people (read this:, but I believe that we are living yet in the first stage of a crypto ecosystem. Many alt coins and tokens in an unregulated market will just die off, as he says, but we can't say that everything is fake and will fail. Tokens and altcoins which are sustainable on long term because they have an utility or a product behind will survive and succeed. His opinion also on the uselessness of blockchain platforms for whatever which is not bitcoin blockchain and some financial products is also against what research is finding. If you love Bitcoin he is your guy. Otherwise, nothing new here. What do you think?
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    Admin Blockchain Company Basically what Tone Vays a prominent analyst of Bitcoin is saying in this podcast, is there should not be any ICO's whatsoever, or any other cryptocurrencies or tokens besides Bitcoin! He goes as far as saying in no uncertain terms, the use of blockchain for things such as real estate to supply chains and medical records are ridiculous. We strongly believe his perspective is entirely wrong and goes against entire research into cryptocurrencies and token economics by academia and the most respected institutions in the world, including governments themselves. Indeed we live in a current scamy ICO environment, but you can go all the way back to pre 1929 before the Wall Street Crash and scams were rife. The point is, every new paradigm including the Sub-Prime Mortgage, Junk Bonds Trading in the 80's , the Dot Com Boom and the Credit Crunch, partly catalysed by exuberance and banking scams have all attracted bad actors. Amazon, Google, Facebook and Uber to mention just a few, all came after the dot com boom and bust as great utilities, because it is fundamentally about the underlying technology and innovation, not the scammers. What Tone Vays proposes sounds like he wants a one world currency called bitcoin! We think if that were to ever happen, that would be highly irresponsible, un-democratic and a very bad idea for humanity and the global economy itself. ICO's and Cryptocurrencies are in the early stages of its long term evolution. It will improve through time like every other technology in history. But tell us what you think after listening to this provocative interview. We can tell Tone loves his Bitcoins! Is he right? Or is he overtly alarmist? Share your thoughts.