Recommended Podcast...The Blockchain and Us: John Hargrave - Marketing Basics for ICOs and Blockchain Projects (
A podcast by Manuel Stagars:

John Hargrave speaks about marketing basics for ICOs and blockchain companies, email lists, misconceptions of blockchain entrepreneurs about communications, creating good marketing content, "create once, use everywhere", video vs. written content, deciding on which channels to use and which ones to avoid, "talking points", how to avoid infomercials but instead create value, how to build trust, viral mechanics, and why the "white paper has to die".

 John is the CEO of Media Shower, a media platform for ICOs, crypto, and blockchain projects. He is the publisher of the Bitcoin Market Journal and an author and frequent speaker at conferences. This episode is a little shorter than my normal interviews, but it is straight to the point and gives an introduction to marketing and positioning for ICOs and blockchain projects.

 John Hargrave:

Media Shower:, https://...
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Blockchain developers which believe themselves good entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs which believe can market whatever idea with the buzz word "blockchain" attached can listen to this podcast. There is a lot of work to do yet for many companies which believe just a hasty written white paper and some presence in social media is enough. The landscape is becoming more complicated, serious and professional, which is very good.