Highly Recommended Viewing... Ask the Expert: Blockchain Edition (youtube.com)
Join Cezanne Camacho, Udacity curriculum lead, and Kyle Samani, co-founder and managing partner at Multicoin Capital for a learning session on all things blockchain.

 We'll cover:
-Definition of blockchain (blockchain is NOT Bitcoin!)
-Trends in industry:

where is blockchain being used
 -Predicting the future: where does blockchain have the potential to be used and where do you think it will succeed

-Recommendations for those wanting to learn more about blockchain

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Kyle Samani, @KyleSamani
Cezanne Camacho, @cezannecam

 Learn the skills needed to become a blockchain developer: http://bit.ly/2LWRxNW

 Read more about Kyle's company, Multicoin Capital: http://bit.ly/2M8Q9EN
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Udacity is one of the leading online learning institutions existent in the market. This session doesn't leaves you disappointed. For those who want to learn from the scratch or who want more clarity to the blockchain concepts this is perfect. It leads the viewer to ask him/herself more questions about the present and future blockchain is opening. What do you think?