Important Viewing: Harnessing Blockchain for American Business and Prosperity (
Blockchain is a game-changing technology that has the power to unleash a new era in supply chain management and communication.

Join the CSIS Scholl Chair as we review how blockchain can be used to solve complex business problems across various sectors and areas of life, assess myths and challenges surrounding blockchain, and, in particular, to discuss what the U.S. government’s policy should be regarding blockchain.

 This event is made possible with the generous support of IBM


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    Admin Blockchain Company This is probably the first professional open discussion that focuses on how enterprises and organisations are already using the blockchain. If you are a white collar professional across any industry or government, or an advanced student who wants to understand the implications of blockchain and smart contracts overall, e.g supply chain , AI, machine learning and other blockchain use cases etc, then you should make every effort to watch or listen to this extensive and insightful CSIS video. Note* It starts from 23:55 mins, scroll to that point and start watching. It's also available for viewing on BCtv - . Happy viewing!
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Very interesting debate on blockchain and US economy and society. However, the panel needed more diversity and millennial perspectives. The ideas presented here are basic for the actual debate on the need for blockchain practical use cases, so it is worthy of a good viewing.