Lesson Watch: From Public to Private Blockchain Networks: (youtube.com)
Free Your Developers from Dealing with the Intricacies of Blockchain Networks with a Network Agnostic Broker

Swetha Repakula & Nima Kaviani, IBM

Deploying and developing smart contracts is a complicated task. A developer not only needs to understand and implement the logic of a contract but also know how to set up and integrate their nodes to a network. With configuration and management differing by network, the learning curve for a polyglot blockchain developers is quite steep.

PaaS aim to hide the complexities of the IaaS and allow cloud application developers to focus solely on their application logic. We believe the same analogy can and should be applied to blockchain application developers.

In this talk, we will demonstrate how the Blockhead broker facilitates the process of developing DApps independent of the blockchain network used. In particular, we will demo the deployment of smart contracts across both a public blockchain network (i.e. the Ethereum network) and a private blockchain network (i.e. Hyperledger Fabric).