Watch: What investors can expect from Bitcoin in 2019 | Outlook 2019 (
On a risk-reward basis, heading in 2019, Alex DeGroote says he would be positively invested in bitcoin. He says the sellers are largely flushed out, meaning there’s a potential upside for cryptocurrencies into the new year.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The change into a crypto 4th IR finance from the tradicional economy is starting. Crypto is here to stay. Investors (with risks yet) should study which coins are going to stay and which ones are going to disappear or be forgotten in the way. The same with ICOs which this year are going to be more strictly valued by prospective investors. We don't think we can see changes until the end of Q1, more probably in Q3 onwards. Anyway, trust your own research, and always invest whatever you can afford to loose! Crypto is yet in its infant state.