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It's a common 21st century adage that robots are stealing our jobs, that they are faster and smarter than us. But is it true? Will millions of people really lose their jobs because of automation in the next 100 years? Antonio Casilli isn't so sure. The author of "Waiting for Robots" argues that many of the jobs we think are being done by robots now are actually the work of human hands, sitting behind a computer screen. He spoke to Nadia Massih.

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    Bathew CEO at Mighty Prema I think people will have to embrace tech if they want to secure there jobs.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Robotics has been here for a time but Casilli is right here. We are redefining the geolocation of work. Robots are not independent machines yet, depend on someone behind a computer, someone programming, etc. In 100 years? Who knows now. We believe many jobs positions existing today will disappear, but many others will appear, related to robotics, or working with robotics and other new technologies. The issue is not being afraid of this but prepare and train for AI and Robotics' future and all social changes which are already coming.