IMPORTANT: 2018 CRASH ENGINEERED? Interview with Alex Mashinsky - VoIP, MoIP, Celsius, Mass Adoption (
Juicy interview with Alex Mashinsky, we're discussing the real cause for the bear market, money over IP (MoIP), parallels crypto has to the Internet revolution and so much more! I'm sure you will enjoy this episode a lot!

Celsius is sponsoring this episode, without them the channel wouldn't be possible. Huge shoutout and big thanks for helping the crypto industry.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst We have enjoyed this program. MoIP is an interesting concept. We don't know when and if crypto mass adoption will happen, but here we find refreshing ideas. Mashinsky's opinions are smart, whether we agree with them or not. 2018 Crash engineered maybe by the institutions declining to invest and letting the small investors fall down, while the adoption is not huge yet. He says unless there is no mass adoption the crypto will die off, even if institutions support it. He affirms there is a war, a war against financial institutions which won't give up their power just because the world could be better for it.