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A new report from Techemy Capital looks at the emerging Security Token Offering model. With the market projected to reach US$5 trillion by 2022, the report identifies significant investment opportunities for capital markets.

Available as a free download, Techemy Capital's report, Security Token Offerings Investment Guide, outlines the disruptive potential of the STO model.

 Bitcoin disrupted money and gold, Ethereum disrupted capital raising by creating a new fund-raising model (ICO), and now tokenization is disrupting equity and the transferability of capital. The key takeaway is that almost anything of value can be securitised, digitized and tokenized on a blockchain using a Security Token Offering (STO).
The evolution of capital formation
The report details the recent evolution of capital formation from cryptocurrencies to ICOs to STOs. ICOs focused on utility tokens, which have utility within their native blockchain ecosystem, but don’t represent ownership in the company or project.

Security tokens, however, can be configured to give their holders a range of different rights in a company or asset - for example a right to a share of profits and voting rights.

STOs have several compelling advantages when compared to traditional VC and cryptocurrencies, states the report. STOs have all the existing advantages of cryptocurrencies and ICO utility tokens with the important distinction that as Security Tokens, they will eventually have improved regulatory oversight under global securities laws.

Because the tokens are deemed a security, they are subject to securities laws and regulations – providing a degree of assurance to investors that has been lacking in most ICOs.

Security tokens represent real world assets and can act as a bridge between legacy finance and the blockchain space providing liquidity, credibility and regulatory certainty.

Security tokens and smart contracts will reduce complexity and costs by improving efficiency and execution.

Almost anything of value can be tokenized
Almost anything of value can be tokenized. The report suggests that the first wave of tokenization will digitize already existing financial structures. However, as the infrastructure is built out, we’ll see the appearance of new financial instruments that are not conceivable in traditional investment banking such as the tokenization of players on sport teams, fine art, real estate, and ultimately, anything of value.

As the market matures, on a twenty year time frame, the market is projected to reach $500 trillion as all assets are tokenized and made tradable.


STO Investment Guide
With the Security Token market projected to reach US$5 trillion by 2022, this report provides a top-level overview of the current STO ecosystem – identifying significant opportunities in the sector both for investors and those interested in capital raising via tokenizing assets.// 

Access the full report here


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