U.S. markets in meltdown as coronavirus panic intensifies after Trump's travel ban (youtube.com)
The Dow plummeted nearly 10%, leaving investors fearing that the government has not done enough to help the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. Jill Schlesinger reports.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst We think it's very difficult to understand all reasons why there is a financial panic now. It is probably more than the excuse of politicians being late or reacting too strongly. The financial world since 2008 is fragile and has many risks (derivative debts anyone?) which can explode at any given moment. Worse, we don't know if this is just THE crash, or a one time event, or the beginning of a slow crash which could culminate in another big one maybe by September October this year. Lets prepare always for the opportunities which will come out. We also believe this is another sign of the paradigm shift in economy and society. The model is changing, and the 4th IR technologies will help us to transform the world.