99% of Humanity still have no idea what Blockchain is all about.

Let's help change that problem together.


Blockchain Company (BC) aims to provide a sustainable and quality social media utility and visual search engine, that will help make blockchain informational discovery accessible to everyone!

Start discovering what the blockchain is all about today on Blockchain Company. Get involved!

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Core BC Team Linkedin Profiles To Connect with, or Contact for Business:

Marina Mancho Rams - Head Legal Officer

Philippe Engels - Head of Partnerships

Samuel Santos - Chief Executive of Strategic Sales and Growth Marketing

Francisco Gomez - Chief Brand Generalist

Jorn Zwanenberg - Token Economist

Iara Izidoro - Head of Susstainability Research and Lifestyle

Bernadine Louis - Head of Operations, South Africa

Andrew Ridgeway - Business Development and Sales Executive

Robert Haastrup-Timmi - Founder and Chief Visionary Officer


More BC Applications and Platforms:

Blockchain Company is developing several applications, utilities and platforms for the gradual evolution of its ecosystem and long term roadmap.

The following MVP's are now " officially " available for usage and perusal:


Is a token incentivised and user generated search engine, the first of its kind. Users submit urls of sites, news and content they love or care about and get rewarded with BASE!

Blockabase rewards users for votes, clickthroughs, comments, likes, sharing and other activities ensuing over the tokenized search engine.

Learn more and follow our Linkedin Blockabase Page here. See why you should get involved early to start accumulating BASE!

Meet BiCstreet!

BiCstreet is the world’s first Cotrading utility, focused on providing physical social member spaces for investors, traders, hedge funds, high networth individuals, venture capital, skilled professionals, novices and entrepreneurs.

Follow us here on Linkedin to learn more about our first BiCstreet space recently opened in Cape Town, South Africa and download the pdf.

BiCstreet.com the digital platform will be launching soon.

Several more applications and platforms will be included here as we roll them out officially.