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Follow Ethereum: SingularDTV Creates Entertainment Division - ETHNews.com (ethnews.com)
On August 16, 2017, SingularDTV announced the launch of an entertainment division that will finance, produce, and distribute its own original content, in addition to acquiring exclusive content.Co-founder of SingularDTV Kim Jackson will serve as President of Entertainment, providing leadership and direction for the studio's media goals.

She will be joined by film distribution executive Jason Tyrrell, who will be the team’s Vice President of Content. Tyrrell, who has a decade of experience, will lead the studio's plans for acquisition and distribution.
In a short statement, Jackson recounted the development of SingularDTV and its possibilities: “SingularDTV grew out of the need for a profitable revenue model for independent artists.

With blockchain technology we are developing tools for a new entertainment economy, that will empower artists and provide a profitable new value exchange with audiences.”
Tyrrell remarked on the tremendous capabilities of SingularDTV’s technology and the impact that the company will have on the entertainment industry:

"SingularDTV’s groundbreaking approach to production and distribution is radically altering the entertainment landscape, creating a new ecosystem in which creatives can operate with complete autonomy and an unprecedented degree of transparency.  I can’t wait to share our vision with filmmakers and consumers across the world."

SingularDTV has the distinction of crowdfunding $7.5 million worth of Ether in less than 20 minutes back in October of 2016. Since then, the value of Ether has skyrocketed from approximately $12 to a current estimate of around $300, ballooning the crowd-sourced funds to around $187 million (assuming the company kept its funds in Ether)....continue reading: 
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