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Epic Recommended Watch: How This Man Just Caused a $45 BILLION Crash [Terra Luna] (
Do Kwon thought he could rule the crypto world with Terra Luna, instead what followed was the largest failure to occur in the crypto space.
Correction at 1:58 I showed the screenshot of the wrong project, it's supposed to be 'Basis Cash', not 'Basis Markets'. Sorry about that.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst What's the rule number one in any investment: "Only put in what you are willing to lose" And the second one? "diversify!". The third "DYOR". Many who have lost money in the debacle complain having lost everything they had. Amazing. We believe many were blinded by the buzz (stable coin), the magic sold around the project, even the positive reports and words from crypto evangelisers. Not many were listening to those who were talking about the dangers of a death spiral or the lack of foundation. Kwon decisions led this project to collapse. Yes, this is not the first project which fails, but it's among the biggest ones. And with big consequences for stable coins culture and for crypto scape in toto.