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Recommended Watch: Voyager & Coinbase at Risk? | Investor Roundtable @Millionaire Mentality + @Diamond Hands Investing (
Voyager Digital announced Wednesday that it would drop its daily withdrawal limits from $25,000 to $10,000. The firm cut its withdrawal limits and received a $500 million bail-out package from Alameda Research to shore up its finances after revealing the extent of its exposure to 3AC, which caused a 60% share price decline. Meanwhile Crypto companies like Coinbase are laying off staff, slowing withdrawals and trying to stem losses, raising questions about the health of the ecosystem.

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00:00 intro
01:43 Millionaire Mentality & Stock Fraud
03:12 Diamond Hands Investing & Data Analysis
05:02 Celsius red flags
07:06 Voyager Stock
08:16 Celsius vs. Voyager
10:32 Voyager Withdrawal Limits
12:12 Voyager & 3AC Exposure
15:12 Voyager Risk-Tolerance
16:56 Coinbase at risk?
20:20 What percent of portfolio is self-custody?
22:35 Crypto exchange bailouts
25:00 Are yields worth the risk?
28:05 Caution or Opportunity?
30:49 $CEL Short Squeeze
31:35 $VGX Token
32:51 Nexo's future?
34:05 outro

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~Voyager & Coinbase at Risk? | Investor Roundtable w/ Millionaire Mentality & Diamond Hands Investing ~
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