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Watch: Crypto Report: Regulation Outlook from Washington D.C. (
Blockchain Association Executive Director Kristin Smith speaks with Caroline Hyde & Sonali Basak about future frameworks to regulate stablecoins, spot markets, and how the latest market events have honed congressional focus.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The EU is preparing for crypto regulations. Asian countries are doing the same. But the eyes of every one are on the US. The US Congress is moving towards regulations considering what SEC is saying, and other financial authorities and regulators there, and what comes from there will mark the before and after of crypto. And this should be a bipartisan effort, looking at US November polls which can change the composition of power there. Now, how are they going to do there, we don't know yet. Knowing US Congress any Bill needs long time before being reviewed, changed, reviewed again etc until it is approved (or not then starting afresh). but the discussions and the definitions will be real interesting.