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Recommended Watch: Alien civilizations from level 1 to level 7. We are only at level 0.72 (
0:00 Kardashev scale
1:55 Level
03:11 Level 1 (planetary civilization)
4:48 Level 2 (stellar civilization)
6:38 Level 3 (galactic civilization)
8:09 Level 4 (universal civilization)
9:55 Level 5 (multiversal civilization)
11:15 Level 6 (multidimensional civilization)
12:26 Level 7 (creator civilization)

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The Kardashev scale finally explained in a way we all understand. A fascinating theory, as we humans love to classify and put order even in things we don't even understand, and we change the lists and classifications as time goes Kardashev himself only arrived to a civilisation one to three scale, which now has being changed to a seven tiers scale. This scale make sense when we glimpse the objective, that we as individuals, and species understand with time what is everything about, in fact what is existence and an understanding of everything. It finishes with a level 7 civilisation which is a so called "creator"civilisation, one which by understanding everything is able to create afresh and shape new whatever they want or need, if we could use those verbs in this advanced model. Whether this scale represents the reality of our civilisation evolution or is just the first idea to understand our future, we fear that the reality is already beyond of our present understanding. The concept of reality we have is, many theorists affirm now, just a way for us to be able to stay sane and comprehend our surrounding, but reality does beyond our senses tell us. Our conscience understands this but can't open the door to a bigger understanding (yet).