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Watch: Many flee to avoid getting drafted, but where can they go? | DW News (
Vladimir Putin's escalation of the war is running into increasing opposition within Russia. Police have arrested more than 1,000 people demonstrating against the call-up of reservists at nationwide protests. And Flights to foreign destinations are also selling out, as many fear it could be their last chance to leave.


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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The conflict narrative is working hard. We hear about Russians of military age running away out of the country. In reality is more the urbanites and educated youth. Most of those conscripted and sent to Ukraine will be from rural and impoverished areas in that huge country. And those already conscripted end their contracts soon so they will probably be forcibly conscripted again. Eventhough the issue is there are already fractures in Russia which show that there is a resistance against a conflict where many Russians don't have an existential opinion until they are called. Rusia social contract for many decades have been that politicians and military do their things and leave the normal citizens alone to live as better as they can. This latest move breaks that social contract, and educated youth doesn't want to agree with it and die for something which is not necessary. Otherwise Europe and country bordering Russia face the dilemma of what to do with these runaway Russian citizens when we are facing a possible global conflict. What are we going to do? What are they going to do?