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Watch: Hang On, Bill Gates Just Predicted WHAT? (
Bill Gates says polarisation is leading to civil war - but how has he contributed to this, and are he and other rich elites benefitting from it? #billgates #farming #civilwar

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Russell Brand never leaves you indifferent whether you agree with hi, disagree or just leaves you saying "meh!" His attack on Bill Gates is the expected one, underlining the power Gates has through his organisations, his Foundation and his lobbying. So what is new here? Well, the thing is in this increasing chaos Gates is talking about polarisation, even civil war in US, and conflicts everywhere. But, does Gates benefit from any of this, or other members of elites? What is really going on? Who if any is behind all this, or is just the blind march of history in cycles? Check what he says about using empowerment narratives to harvest data and use farmers for more centralised big data players. Whatever it is, let's be informed, look for the truth out there, prepare and get ready, make sure you and yours are safe.