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IBM Launches Starter Kit For Blockchain Developers (forbes.com)
To help developers at new blockchain startups, and at companies seeking to start using blockchain, IBM has developed the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan to help them build blockchain proof-of-concepts quickly and affordably.

It offers an end-to-end blockchain development experience: a secure test environment, a suite of education tools and modules and one-click network provisioning. It is built on the open source Hyperledger Fabric.

IBM logo.  (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

More than 2,000 developers and tens of thousands of transaction blocks used the Starter Plan in a three-month test environment, said Jerry Cuomo, vice president of blockchain technology at IBM.

The Starter Plan is for enterprises -- whether startups, large corporations or government agencies -- that want to understand and use blockchain technology, Cuomo said.

It is designed to make the technology disappear so developers can focus on their ideas rather than how to operate a test network.

“Starter is to provide the developers and test environment with single click deployment to enable an aspiring blockchain developer to get started,” he said. “When we put it out there as a beta in March of this year we saw very quick and significant adoption.

We had over 2000 smart contract contributors, developers building contracts on the platform and deploying smart contracts of every variety imaginable,” he added.

The Starter Plan attracted some companies he describes as “born on the blockchain” including Road Launch for logistics, Mediaocean, which automates and tracks digital ad buys, and Global Debt Registry, which helps institutional investors and warehouse lenders manage risk, improve efficiency and pricing in the credit markets by providing solutions that ensure the integrity of a loan asset.

“The Starter Plan is a great place to start because it offers low cost and high value, with the tools we provide on top of open source,” Cuomo said.

For now the plan runs on the IBM cloud although he suggested it may be available on other clouds in the future. Continue to page 2 on Forbes here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomgroenfeldt/2018/06/28/ibm-launches-starter-kit-for-blockchain-develo...

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst We talked about this in March when it was launched. After some months it looks like very successful as the technological tools offered are low cost and high value for companies and start ups on an open source. We have to yet see how it evolves. IBM is strongly betting for Blockchain.