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Recommended Download: 4 th ICO and STO Report March 2019 Edition - Pwc

Executive Summary

 ICO / STO Report March 2019 – Global Status-Quo
ICO / STO - A strategic perspective:

• In 2018, over 1’132 ICOs / STOs have happened successfully, which is twice as much as in 2017 (total of 552)

• Total amount raised has nearly tripled to almost USD 20bn compared to 2017 (total of USD 7bn)

• However, two unicorn ICOs (EOS USD 4.1bn & Telegram USD 1.7bn) accounted for over 5.8bn of the 2018 volume

• In H2 2018, numbers and volume of ICOs / STOs declined sharply, reflecting both the shift from ICO to STO and the
“crypto winter”

• Jurisdictions continue to pass specific crypto assets and tokenization laws across all continents

• As a global trend, jurisdictions leverage existing security regulations as “STO framework”, allowing management of
cross-boarder complexity

STOs &
of Assets

• Security Token Offerings (STOs) are not fundamentally different from ICOs, but a more mature and regulated form, as the
underlying tokens provide different financial rights, including dividends or shares

• STOs combine many features of ICOs (e.g. low entry barriers for investors) as well as traditional Venture Capital / Private
Equity fundraising characteristics (e.g. regulations based on local security laws, incl. KYC / AML)

• Tokenization of Assets (i.e., process of converting an asset into a digital token on the blockchain system) is another trend
and expands from commodity tokenization (e.g. gold, oil) to tokenization of intangible goods (e.g. music rights)
“Level Up”

• As STOs are becoming fully regulated, the corresponding infrastructure must “level up” – e.g., for trading and exchange,
incumbent exchanges are entering the crypto space

• Moreover, additional services will be demanded by market participants, such as flexible custody solutions, market data
services (MDS), reliable rating services & quality research as well as technical standards & APIs

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst When reading this report we feel the strength of the blockchain and crypto space, even at this early stage. ICOs, STOs, new expectations for the next future, and how the sphere is slowly expanding into the global economy. Short and to the point!