Blockchain CEO Peter Smith: We're 24 Months From A Top 30 Government Issuing A Digital Currency (
On the most recent episode of This Week in Startups, host Jason Calacanis sat down with Blockchain CEO Peter Smith to discuss everything from darknet markets to Ethereum-based initial coin offerings (ICOs).

During the chat, Smith also shared his views on the possibility of a government issuing their own digital currency in the near future.
For those who don’t know, Blockchain is the most widely-used consumer bitcoin wallet in the world.

They also recently added support for ether.
24 Months from a Government-Backed Digital CurrencyAt one point during the conversation, Smith noted that he went back and forth with Bank of England governor Mark Carney on how a government will issue a sovereign digital currency at the World Economic Forum.

When Calacanis asked Smith how far away a government is from issuing their own digital currency, Smith responded, “Not far. 24 months from a major government — not from a little one but a major one.”Smith then clarified that he’s talking about a “top 30” government in the world.In terms of the United Kingdom, which is where Blockchain is based, Smith guessed that they would be the first of the G7 countries to issue a digital currency.

He added that the UK may have moved even faster on this if Brexit hadn't happened.

When it came to the United States, Smith was less bullish on the issuance of a digital currency in the near term. He pointed to gridlock in Washington DC and the dominance of the US dollar in the world today as reasons that the United States will move....continue reading:

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst I think everybody is expecting this to happen soon or later. Singapore or a small Baltic country is good news, but if a big 30 Government does this, then nothing will stop other governments to do the same when they realize the convenience and the advantages for the economic growth and the need of shifting to a new economy