Recommended: How to get started in blockchain with IBM's Eileen Lowry (
Whether you're a blockchain developer or a founder, find out how Eileen Lowry, Global Program Director, IBM Blockchain Garage, suggests you get started.

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The Founder's Handbook:

What is Blockchain?:

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Blockchain start ups or developers etc, should watch this report. #IBM with its Blockchain Garage tries to get solutions for whatever is the idea related to Blockchain technology. Blockchain services is a good business, for those who are already prepared to give them, and a good solutions for those who have very good ideas but lack tech knowledge.
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    Admin Blockchain Company This video and breaking news in blockchain and cryptocurrency markets is also streaming on BCtv - Click to start viewing in your browser, all on 24/7 autoplay. Switch it on! In your desktop, laptop, xBox and Smart Connectedtv.