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Strongly Recommended: CBS: Inside a cryptocurrency mining epicenter, and the fight for a small town’s future (
As cryptocurrency mining evolves into a global industry, the gold rush for cheap energy is disrupting a small town in Washington State—home to some of the lowest electricity rates in the country. Here, two of the biggest Bitcoin mining operations in the U.S., Giga Watt and Salcido Enterprises, reveal their new and rapidly expanding mining operations, and explain the potential of super-computing—from blockchain to artificial intelligence.
But not everyone in town is on-board. Fearing their power rates will go up, and the culture of their town would change forever, many want to put the brakes on this new, disruptive industry.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Crypto mining done by big companies somehow defeated the idea of BTC being decentralised. However, business is business. This report is not very accurate: the idea of this town being "the next Silicon Valley" is not true. Silicon Valley is innovation and disruption, new jobs and future. This is just ASICs, Action Specific Integrated Chips which are used just for this mining work. The town gets energy from hydro so it is a renewable source. Also this is a September 2017 video which is ancient history in crypto. We should have another one with a follow up. After one year, what is the story?