Epic Viewing! ARE WE PREPARED FOR 2025? Take The Time to Watch this! (youtube.com)
Yuval Noah Harari talks about how we are being hacked.

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Special thanks to Tom Bilyeu for providing these amazing interviews:
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    Jakobo Gimeno "googles selfish ledger" was a video shown to google employees that basically talked about how now with all the information they can collect and have collected on people it is quite possible to manipulate how a person thinks and change their perspective on certain topics by controlling what that person is seeing on their platforms. Most people do not notice it but the internet collects information eventually everything about you, what you like, what you hate, what makes you happy, family members, political point of views and health problems all of it will be on the internet as you keep using it, companies and the government can us the same information to control you. AI will change how we live as good as it might be a lot of jobs will be lost, all the mega companies will most likely have AI and this AI will find a way to slowly replace people in the mega company to save money and because the AI will probably be better at the job and faster. This also applies to other jobs we will slowly get replaced and have to keep adapting... looking forward to the future.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Harari has a strong point. Most of the humans are unaware of what is going on technology development and when the big disruption comes they won't be ready for reinventing themselves. We can't foresee future but we can read the signs on the wall. However, we shouldn't be pessimistic. It is the time to prepare ourselves and of raising awareness to prepare for this possible future.