A Must Watch: Climate change: the inter-generational challenge - BBC Newsnight (youtube.com)
Is climate change becoming the big inter-generational battle of our time?
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Polling from the UK and the US suggests that the younger generation are considerably more worried about climate change than previous generations. But are the positions of young and old at odds with one another? Our economics editor Ben Chu finds out.

In the studio, Katie Razzall is joined by Anna Taylor from the Student Climate Network, former Energy and Climate Change Secretary Sir Ed Davey and director of think tank Freer, Rebecca Lowe.

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    Dean Louis I agree with Anna Taylor, politicians seem to be more concerned with who is right than doing what is right. They're wasting time trying to get the upper hand and looking good doing it rather than implementing solutions that are really going to make a difference.

    There are plenty of countries, groups and individuals who have found solutions for purifying water, recycling even the most stubborn of trash and creating beautiful gardens from almost nothing.

    I have seen a video of a man who planted one tree a day for almost his entire life, on an island and today the island has become a forest.

    We can make changes, it's not too late, we just have to stop waiting for someone else to do what needs to be done and make the changes ourselves.

    Governments can make policies, but we know that our vehicles cause carbon emissions, so let's car pool or take the bus, we know that plastic is killing millions of animals, so let's recycle. Let's stop waiting for someone else to change things, let's be the change we want to see!