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Epic Watch: Nvidia's Jensen Huang reveals vision for the Metaverse! (with Omniverse) (youtube.com)
At Nvidia's GTC, company CEO Jensen Huang reveals its plans for the Metaverse, with Omniverse, a set of tools to design and build simulations.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Suddenly different big companies drown us with news and concepts of the Metaverse, or their own versions of it. Nvidia is more about Omniverse, and before we start sighing on how there is a dance of names (like some say, why no Matrix straight away!) Nvidia's Omniverse is more for engineering, and other business where to implement a virtual project is cheaper and probably safer. Imagine a virtual motor company engineering a virtual vehicle and trying it in Omniverse mode and checking in this way how it would react in the "real" reality (ufff). Nvidia also has the best and more powerful engines to do this, and probably the capacity to rapidly evolve and grow. While Meta's metaverse is for everyone, Nvidia is more for specialists. At any case, the concepts are amazing. Let's not forget, however, that all techs have to serve humans and the concept of humanness.
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