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We have received a lot of feedback from token teams over the past few months regarding how to list on Bittrex Global. As we previously mentioned, Bittrex gets over 2500 submissions a year to get a token listed on the exchange. 

That’s more than 200 a month or 50 a week! While we love the innovation and excitement in the industry, this is a lot of projects to go through.

To try to scale and actually get eyes on all projects, we had enlisted the help of three companies. But, many token teams did not like the idea of working with companies that also operated other exchanges or were not known to them.

There has also been concerns that token teams are unsure as to whether they are speaking with an authorized represented of Bittrex Global. As such, based on feedback, we are streamlining the process so that there is only one channel to get listed: reaching out to Bittrex Global directly.

Procedure for Listing on Bittrex Global as of January 1, 2020:

1. All token teams must apply to Bittrex Global directly in the first instance by emailing [email protected] to express interest in getting their token listed on Bittrex Global.

2. The Bittrex Global Listings Team will respond and direct the token team to do two things:

a. Setup a corporate account on Bittrex Globalb.

Fill out and return the Bittrex Global Listing Agreement & Applicationc. During this phase teams should highlight if their token will require a technical integration (i.e., is it a new blockchain)

3. [At the point, the Bittrex Listings Team will review the application provided. More than 90% of the token teams applying will not get past this phase given the volume of submission we receive]

4. If Bittrex Global wants to move forward with the token, it will be placed in the Compliance & Legal Review Phase of the listing process.

a. There will be a cost associated with this phase, depending on the complexity of the project and team.

The Bittrex Global Listings Teams will be in contact with you to discuss.

b. PLEASE NOTE: Do not randomly send crypto to an address that someone claims to be a Bittrex Global address. If in doubt, please send communications via authorized channels such as your corporate account on Bittrex Global.

Please note that although we are streamlining the process even further, we will continue to have a high bar for compliance and require every token team to get a Liechtenstein opinion before their token can be listed on our platform.

This means that an independent law firm reviews the token and supporting documentation to ensure that the token is not a financial instrument or e-money under European and Liechtenstein law.


Q: So should I still go to the three companies that were listed as part of the TRP previously?

A: No. While we very much want to thank the TRP partner companies for their assistance and we will continue to work with them in other capacities, the TRP is closed.

Please direct all questions regarding listings to Bittrex Global directly at [email protected].

Q: What if I already worked with one of the TRP companies? How does the new process affect me?

A: Please contact [email protected] and explain the situation. We will work with teams to come up with a satisfactory resolution.

Q: I want to refer tokens to Bittrex Global, what happens now?

A: You can still make referrals to Bittrex Global, but all communications with the team will be handled directly by Bittrex Global members.

Q: Does this affect my listing request to Bittrex Inc. (i.e., Bittrex in the US).

A: No. This program only covers Bittrex Global. Bittrex Global and Bittrex Inc. are separate entities.


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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Blockchain start ups with token projects must be very careful when choosing where to launch their tokens publicly as there are many regulatory issues and even scams which can damage even the best token project. Bittrex Global seems to explain itself very well here.