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Watch: Where's Bitcoin Headed? MyEtherWallet Allows Users to Mint Ethereum Blocks As NFTs (
"First Mover" hosts speak to Brian Norton MyEtherWallet COO for the firm's latest initiative allowing users to mint Ethereum blocks into NFTs. Karl Jacobs, Bacon Protocol CEO shares insights into the first mortgage NFTs. Plus, state of crypto in Afghanistan and how it can help liberating women there. Wendy Diamond Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization CEO and Founder shares more details.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Coindesk podcasts are evolving with the times, and are becoming more agile and entertaining than before when only news and a few opinions were seen. We welcome a program like this, full of opinions from real experts, sometimes leading us to other many questions and allowing us to understand better what can be the future of crypto, how can crypto empower humans and may other things. We always say we don't trust anyone guessing what the crypto prices will be next week or next month, but at least we understand their reasons here.