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Recommended Watch: Cryptocurrencies: how regulators lost control | FT Film (
Leading voices from the cryptocurrency industry, including Binance CEO 'CZ' and Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX, and Financial Times reporters tell the story of how the cryptocurrency industry ballooned into a market worth more than $2tn with little regulatory oversight. How did regulators lose control and can they get a grip now? Or is there a danger that overregulation stifles innovation? Read more at

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The crypto market appeared, not suddenly but slowly, from the inception of Bitcoin, and steadily grew until the place it is now (which is yet a small percentage of the global economy by the way). Financial Regulators did not give any importance to the crypto movement then, and only now when institutions entered the market, and huge amounts of money are poured in it when they started panicking first (thus all the bans and FUD news from regulatory agencies even the IMF), then regulating each case, and now trying to build national and global regulations which, we hope, won't stifle innovation, but protecting the investors and users.