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Blockabase Tokenized Search Engine - Become a very Early Adopter and get BASE! (
Blockchain Company is closer to its beta launch of Blockabase! One of several apps for our Token Economy Ecosystem. Go see , start adding urls as a very early adopter of almost anything you love or care about and get BASE! Our token for free, each time you submit urls.

Our Search Engine platform token is called BASE and is credited to your Blockabase account by proxy. You are rewarded BASE on every url you add and you are also rewarded BASE when people click, comment or vote on quality urls you have added.

You can import your bookmarks too! Adding urls to Blockabase is a bit like mining Bitcoin! But without all the complexity, anyone can submit urls to help power up Blocakbase.

Blockabase assigns synthetic ownership of the urls you have added for web discovery through our search engine for life! This means you could be making a passive income forever. Every url is unique and added on a first come basis. You can also add as many sub urls of a site you like or care about. Every bit of millions of information, on the entire web is associated with a url and thousands of new websites and platforms are being launched every day all over the world.

So What is Blockabase?

Blockabase ( a colloquial new term we coined for database) is a tokenized, incentivized, interactive and user generated search engine powered by humans + AI.  

Google which is still the greatest and most powerful search engine, makes an annual revenue of over $100 billion a year, harnesses all your data for its benefit and users except for publishers, get nothing! At the same time, AI is rapidly eliminating humans from the process of work and our ability to make a decent living. Plus, data surveillance of all your personal data is the new oil.

Blockabase will help you harness your data, so only you can decide whether you wish to monetize it! We believe the future of data should be under your full control of how you wish to share it, keep it, or monetize it. Whenever we utilize your data to show ads over our network, you will see the revenue share in your Blockabase, it's that simple! We have no interest whatsoever in selling your data, unless you expressly opt-in to monetize it over our platform when we enable such features.

As the world inevitably changes, we believe, it is not Universal Basic Income that will provide an income, as white and blue collar professionals lose their jobs significantly, up to 46% by only 2025 according to Oxford University research. Instead, we take the view, it will be the new Token Economy that provides an increasing source of wealth and meaningful income for humans going forward.

We believe Silicon Valley platforms will start to tokenize and reward users for powering up their utilities, leading to an entirely new global economy and user inclusivity dynamics towards 2030. 

Our BASE search engine utility token, will seek listings on several crypto exchanges, as we evolve through 2020 and any token rewards in your account will be distributed to wallets respectively at the end of 12 months or sooner.

What you currently experience on Blockabase, is just the very first embryonic MVP ( medium viable product) phase of our development.

Blockabase will aim to morph into a digital economy fit for purpose, where BASE the token, can be p2p exchanged for thousands of products and services discovered in Blockabase search engine and accepted my merchants all over the world
using Blockabase for site discovery in competition with the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing, whom we admire by the way. The only difference is, a new token economy is emerging and we aim to be a significant part of it, with you included. 

Blockabase also rewards users for Ads they view over our search engine and wider network. Blockamail, Blockaads, Blockashop and soon Blockapay, are all interoperable applications part of Blockabase network. While Bitcoin unfortunately struggles with a utility use case, Blockabase search engine is the utility use case, powered up from ground zero by you!

At this very early stage, there are still bugs and lots of things for our team to fix going forward. However, it works reasonably now as a medium viable product fit for your purpose to utilize.

There are millions of urls that can be added to Blockabase and and we've made it more engaging and gamified fun to interact with. There are lots and lots of new features coming to Blockabase soon, to give our users a robust experience, as we aim to capture a reasonable part of that $100 billion a year Google makes. We believe the value of our efforts, combined with your user collaboration, should naturally be reflected in the BASE token as we scale.

You can be a passive stakeholder too!

Its free to join and start earning rewards for submitting quality urls, and earning rewards when users comment, like and vote to rank urls you added. The current free user URL Add reward, is 10 BASE per url added. This value and other rewards will decrease or increase, as our governance determines its network growth and stimulant effect.

You can think of Blockabase like an economy where interest rates are determined, subject to growth, supply, or inflation. However when you upgrade and pay a modest annual fee of $50.00, you will be entitled to up to 5x all activity rewards over the platform.

Our Ads utility rewards you separately in your Blockabase account too when Blockaads utility kicks in anytime very soon.

So that’s the skinny for now!

Go tell your friends, mates and family, get on board early to get BASE! Don’t miss out again like most of us did on Bitcoin. Start mining URLs, by simply submitting sites, news, social media and any content with a url to today... Get involved! 

Note* Like most reputable platforms, Blockabase fully reserves the right to remove any content it believes is not acceptable for its search engine.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst A tokenized, incentivized, interactive and user generated search engine powered by humans + AI! An ambitious proposal. We believe in empowering the individuals and groups through the blockchain and other 4th IR techs. Rewarding the members and users is part of the changes we are going to see soon in the new digital economy. FAANGs, beware, change is coming.
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