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Watch: Boom Bust Cryptocurrency Special (youtube.com)
In this special episode of Boom Bust, we take a deep dive into cryptocurrencies and what the future of the sector holds. We begin with by analyzing crypto’s role in protests that swept the globe in 2019. RT’s Brent Jabbour and Sara Montes de Oca sat down with Christy Ai and Jeffrey Tucker of the American Institute for Economic Research to discuss how economic instability has been a driving factor in the growing use of cryptocurrency across the world. Then we look back at our conversation with Roger Ver, the CEO of Bitcoin.com to break down the rise of Bitcoin, and it’s growing prominence in the FinTech payment sector. Plus, Boom Bust’s Christy Ai managed to catch up with renowned author and international investor Jim Rogers in Singapore to get his contradictory opinion on cryptocurrency and the what the future holds for central banks around the world.