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DeFi hype has just begun says Neo founder (
The hype around DeFi is not fading away and is only just beginning, said Neo founder Da Hongfei, during a live stream on China’s Hub on Sept. 25.

Da said DeFi created a process in just a few years that traditional finance took hundreds of years to perfect.

DeFi projects are now experimenting with all sorts of financial products and services. He added that:

“Lending and borrowing, decentralized exchanges, insurance and all kinds of derivatives are on the rise in DeFi. The initial stage DeFi infrastructure has a solid good start, and now it is time to see more and more applications to be built and innovated on DeFi.”

According to Da, DeFi has brought numerous new possibilities in the financial arena, including creating a new type of asset that allows users to access cash at any time. DeFi, Da said, will have a significant impact on future economic life.

He predicts people will not need banks in the future as they turn towards DeFi services. And this scenario may already be happening. Using China as an example, Da said:

“Chinese people have done this more or less, probably dealing with banks, dealing with Alipay and WeChat, at least doing this kind of financial behavior without going to the bank.”

Da, and Binance co-founder He Yi, revealed in the live stream that Neo and Binance are actively looking into DeFi applications. One such application is Flamingo, an interoperable, full-stack DeFi protocol built on the Neo blockchain. It allows users to participate as traders, stakers, and liquidity providers.

Binance has announced it listed Flamingo on its launch pool on Sept. 23. Both are also looking to build DeFi infrastructure further.
As Cointelegraph previously reported, China’s state-endorsed public blockchain is looking into building a regulatory compliance platform that can bridge global DeFi applications and government regulations.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst We are consistently stating that DeFi is a crypto application which, although exploding recently into frenzy and, as usual, into a bubble, will stay, evolve and mature. In fact this is just the beginning and many applications will come from this. DeFi is going to surprise us, once the bubble is burst and we understand it better. Meanwhile, learn, practice and use common sense.