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Recommended Watch: Michael Burry: This Bubble Will CRASH! It's Worse Than Ever Before... (
Michael burry is as infamous as an investor can get. You’ve no doubt heard the story about how he made billions off of the financial crisis of 2008, how he timed the housing market crash and basically built his own derivative in order to profit off of it. Despite having a fantastic film starring Margot Robbie based on his investing, he’s also been busy recently for other reasons. Despite what most people here on YouTube will tell you, Burry is not a one hit wonder. He timed the dot com bubble to a tee and made himself millions off of that. Then, he went on to beat the S&P 500 every year his hedge fund was active until 2009 when he hit bigger than ever before, made himself billions of dollars and decided to take some time away from managing a fund.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst When Burry speaks about what he deeply understands, we listen. He is not mincing the words this time neither. According to him, the Index is in a bubble which is going to explode and crash, sooner than later. Anyway, we all have to understand that we live in uncertainties, and we don't really know what is really going to happen. So, let's be aware, prepare and get ready for anything that may happen.