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In this video I talk about the path to being an NFT collector and what I would do differently if I were to start all over again today.

This is an A-Z high level guide built around fundamentals that I learned during my time as a stock analyst. I recommend this for anyone who wants to get more involved with NFTs whether its for collectibles (bored ape yacht club, pudgy penguins, cool cats) or high end crypto art (artblocks, superrare) or even NFT gaming (axie infinity, Illuvium).

I also talk about how you can solve a big problem we're facing in the NFT market today: the lack of storytellers and curators. Basically we have more engineers than curators, and those that help newbies figure out which projects to buy into are going to do very well in the coming years.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Giancarlo is another one who love to spread knowledge, real insights and experiences. He doesn't need to sell anything, and let the viewer in control to decide what to do with that information. In this case, a hugely important matter for many. How do we start with NFTs? How can we get a hedge? Fundamentals are important. What do you think?