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According to an IBM report, 15 percent of the top banks and 14 percent of financial markets institutions are intending to introduce full-scale, commercial blockchain products in 2017.

Are you and your clients aware of the leading legal issues in blockchain and are you strategically positioned to benefit from this rapid change?The rapid development and implementation of blockchains has already begun to disrupt and revolutionize the financial system, among other industries. Change is here.

Change can present challenges, but change also provides opportunities. The question is to determine how the legal system can best foster the development of this new business sector by truly understanding the nature of blockchain transactions, the implications of differences in business models, and by developing an appropriate approach to address the many legal issues resulting from this paradigm shift.

This comprehensive, focused and practical one-day program is led by Program Chairs Addison Cameron-Huff, the top result on Google for “Toronto Technology Lawyer”, and Donald B. Johnston, a practitioner regularly recognized and recommended as a leader in the area of technology law. Our program has been developed with a more sophisticated audience in mind and is presented by a faculty comprised of legal thought leaders in order to address the following four prominent issues:Opportunities for Blockchain in the Settlement SystemInitial Coin Offerings (ICOs)Smart Contracts and Transaction CostsAnalyzing the Nature of Blockchain Transactions and the Impact of Different Business ModelsLearn more: