Attend this Conference: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia | April 19, 2017 (
About the conferenceBlockchain financial instruments, experience of creation of the first decentralized autonomous organizations and rates of digital currencies, all these and other topics were discussed at the our previous crypto conference in Moscow.

The April and November Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference has demonstrated that there is a demand for blockchain technology and exchange of experience in this sphere in Russia.That's wht Smile-Expo is happy to invite you to attend Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia on 19 April, 2017 The blockchain is not only for IT pros. It is also for businesspersons and end users.

The blockchain application is not limited to crypto payments; smart contracts, auctions, tools for management of state property, law and logistics are build on its basis. Moreover, this list is not complete!

This year, we are going to be split up into two halls: for financiers and entrepreneurs.The stream for financiers will discuss the implementation of blockchain in banking, preparation of the bill on cryptocurrency regulation and creation of the Russian blockchain consortium.

The stream for entrepreneurs will discuss blockchain in telecommunications, insurance, notary, the Internet of things and asset management.

Who will speak?
Developers of financial and technical services-
Investors -
Experts who have something to say about the blockchain development

Who will listen? 
Anyone who is interested in Blockchain and Bitcoin:development, future and prospects in the Russian Federation...

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