Task Question: How Much Do You Know About Blockchain? (Bonus tokens apply)
Tell us how much you know about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, by simply inserting any of the following that applies in the comment area with a brief outline as you see it. You will be awarded bonus tokens later when we distribute them for responding to this simple task question. BC Utility Tokens can have value like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, when listed on Cryptocurrency markets in the future, after we issue them to registered users.

Insert any of these as it applies to you in the comment area:

  • I'm a Blockchain Expert
  • I'm a Blockchain Professional
  • I have Moderate Blockchain Experience
  • I am Learning about Blockchain
  • I know nothing about the Blockchain
  • I am willing to Learn about Blockchain
  • I really need Blockchain for Dummies


The Blockchain applies to almost every industry sector and not just to Software Developers. For instance, you may be an Accountant, Lawyer or Supply Chain Professional, or Student and have experience or knowledge of how the blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology applies to your industry or company.

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    Pilar Villegas Just starting. I am interested into cryptocurrency and use cases on Legal sector
    • 3
    Caroline M Chita Amazing! I can actually see the potential in this
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    Maria Pilar Gimeno I know nothing about Blockchain. But I am willing to learn.
    • 2
    Monica Gimeno I discovered blockchain a little while ago and now i'm hacked on the amazing possibilities that blockchain has to be the next step on technological revolution!
    • 2
    Jakobo Gimeno Blockchain is a continuously updated record of who holds what, the records are split into linked blocks and secured using cryptography.
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    Daniel R. Mr. My first experiment with the blockchain technology was done in 2014. After installing an old PC with a new video card, I mined Litecoins, Vertcoins and other cryptocurrencies on the network. Summer came in, the market crashed and I forgot about all this. After restoring my old wallets to recover all my coins a few months ago, I'm back now...reading everything I can on cryptocurrencies. My portfolio is invested 50% in LTC, 35% in BTC and 15% in ETH. I'm also the webmaster of CashFaucets.com, an educative and experimental website dedicated to cryptocurrency faucets.
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    Jon New technology
    • 2
    Maria Gimeno I am just introducing myself to this new technology. I love the idea of a new and better world if using blockchain properly.
    • 2
    Gonzalo Cuatrecasas Digital Transformation We are in the process of writing a BlockChain book of ideas. Look for it in the fall :-)
    • 1
    Juan Miguel Ramos I am learning about Blockchain. This technology enables the decentralization and the absence of intermediaries in many human activities. In so doing it will change the way in which we carry out our daily tasks in aspects unforeseen yet for the most part.
    • 4
    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst I am enthusiastically learning about Blockchain. I believe this technology will change the world in ways we just start to realize and will be the tool for a new paradigm in society. Very interested on the creative uses of Blockchain all over and especially on social change through blockchain applications on different sectors.
    • 5
    Jakobo Gimeno I am Learning about Blockchain, As a growing programmer I could not turn a blind eye on Blockchain.
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    Robert Haastrup-Timmi Executive at Blockchaincompany.info I am a Blockchain Professional and have given talks on the subject. My next talk about the Blockchain will be at IESE in Barcelona, one of the top Business Schools in the world. I'm very excited about the impact of this new technology that is going to help democratize our global economy across all industries, including the public sector.