Recommended Event: Swiss Investors Launch Crypto Finance «WEF» January 2018 (
Swiss investors have teamed up to launch the first global crypto finance conference. The event is slated to take place right before the next World Economic Forum.

Eight Swiss investors and businessmen have launched the project for the first global crypto finance conference, set to take place in 2018. Their plan looks pretty promising.

Crypto Finance Conference ’18 will address the needs and interest of a global investor community and aims to increase their appreciation about Blockchain and crypto currencies. The conference will also show how they can best place investments and what risk specialists and regulators think about the fledgling industry.

A further topic will cover the question about how to safely store crypto currencies.

Beautiful Conference Setting

The conference will take place on January 17 to 19, 2018, in Suvretta House in St. Moritz, a glamorous setting in the Swiss Alps that will be familiar territory for the rich global invest community the conference aims to attract.

The World Economic Forum 2018 will take place immediately after the crypto finance conference 70 kilometers down the road in Davos.

Many of the coveted investor community will presumably take the ride or short flight from one conference to the next....continue reading: