USER TASK : Curate Your Blockchain Page and Category List on BC & Share it (Bonus tokens apply)

Blockchain Company is growing!

We have successfully raised a little over 50% of our $2.5 million Seed Round and are therefore very excited about scaling our utility going forward. You will be
awarded bonus tokens in addition to the free tokens you qualify for being a registered user, by our stipulated deadlines later on when we distribute them for executing
this following task on your profile page.

(You need to Create an Account to qualify for free BC Tokens.
See " About Free Tokens " above for more information.

BC Utility Tokens can have value like
Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, when listed on Cryptocurrency markets in the future, after we issue them to registered users. We are aiming to launch our BC Token as a Utility Cryptocurrency by the 30th of November 2017.

In the meantime, we have lots to do including developing our ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contract. From time to time, we may ask users on the network for any related professional skills and agree to compensate in BC Tokens, or a mixture of BC Tokens and normal currency in $, Euros or Pounds.

Our goal and mission is Blockchain Company should evolve into a global digital crypto economy, helping everyone discover the blockchain and services as companies, organisations and service providers start using the blockchain more proficiently for almost everything.
OK, your task herein is as follows:

  • Login on to BC as you normally would
  • After you are logged in, select any content article or video you care about that has already been curated for user discovery on BC. You can also you the search utility or click on major categories, E.g Training.
  • Scroll down to the footer of each content you select. You will see " Add List " click on this and it will open up a dialog box asking you to create an Add List  category for the content you have just selected.
  • Create a category for the the content article or video you have selected
  • Then click save
  • That content should now appear on your profile page within the category you have created.
  • Repeat the process as many times as you like by selecting content you care about, or want to research later and create categories for them.
  • You can list content in new categories, or list them in categories you have already created. Refresh your screen to list content in categories you have already created, so it will display those categories.
  • Now your profile has professionally curated content that your friends, colleagues, corporate bosses or university professors can discover on your profile.
  • Here is a an example to look at:
  • IMPORTANT** Have you secured a profile unique URL yet?
  • A unique URL will look like this:
  • To create your unique URL now, navigate to " Settings " in the upper right corner drop down box when you are logged in. You will see a form field asking you to enter a unique name or word. Enter a "keyword" e.g "robert" "engineer" or whatever you want your unique URL to be.
  • Unique URL's are extremely valuable for several future reasons. For example only one person can ever have " robert " . You get the picture.
  • Now you can easily share your unique Blockchain Company URL with all your friends on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or wherever, so they can discover your professional blockchain page and the professional content you are discovering on our platform or learning about.
  • IMPORTANT** In our backend, we count the number of page activity you have and will reward bonus BC Tokens for profile page views going forward, including points you accumulate. So make an effort to share your profile page.

Creating your " Add List " with up to 10 Categories with a minimum of 2 stories per category gets you 100 BC Tokens " Unlocked " in addition to the free locked tokens we will distribute to you after our token launch.

Once again, our goal is to build and evolve a tangible and quality utility like Facebook, Linkedin and Google, where blockchain content, applications and services can be easily discovered.

We are developing a crypto utility platform where our BC Token can also be exchanged for all kinds of future services imaginable. We don't know what BC Token will be worth, however for a guide, we aim to be in the top list of tokens and crypto currencies you see listed on Coinmarketcap.

If you'd like to lean more about our growth strategy, read our Medium Introduction to Blockchain Company here:

Thanks for growing with us and helping the world discover Blockchain and Blockchain Company. If you have any questions, ask in the comment area below.


Blockchain applies to almost every industry sector and not just to
Software Developers. For instance, you may be an Accountant, Lawyer or
Supply Chain Professional, or Student and have experience or knowledge
of how the blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology applies to your
industry or company.

You need to create a free account to participate. It takes only 2 mins to register.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Done. It was actually interesting as I had to go back in time so I could refresh my mind with some articles which I really cherished. Well done BC!
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      Admin Blockchain Company We are glad you enjoyed the experience of curating professional content for your profile page. The next step is you should now start sharing your page with friends to gain traction. We track your activity and will reward you with bonus tokens going forward.