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Lots of deals are made every day, from products and services to freelancing and real estate. And these deals don’t come easy, but with loads of bureaucracy forcing one to spend time, resources and money to wade through it.

The deal-making process may involve hiring a third party, for a hefty charge just to see things through. And by chance things go south, again one must hire someone to resolve the disputes.

Confideal aims to change all these by upgrading the way things have been done so far.

The blockchain based platform makes it possible to execute deals faster, safer and in a much more profitable fashion.  

Confideal is a unique smart contract managing service for individuals and businesses, that allows one to make safe, fast and anonymous deals powered by blockchain technology.Based on Ethereum Blockchain, the platform allows individuals with no programming skills to create and deploy smart contracts in a fast and easy fashion, without the involvement of third parties.

It also includes a native dispute-resolution mechanism with qualified and experienced user-vetted arbitrators. All smart-contracts are encrypted and backed up on Ethereum Blockchain to ensure their autonomy and safety. Confideal (CDL) token is the internal currency that enables the use of Confideal platform’s services.Some example use cases of Confideal revolves around:


The platform offers a full stack of tools necessary to create, maintain and fulfill contracts, as well as resolve disputes, comprehensive all-in-one environment.

Confideal has launched the Alpha testing phase to demonstrate what one can already do with the platform. Users can create and deploy a smart contract and share their thoughts on social media. To do this, one has to make sure that they have Chrome browser with MetaMask extension installed, as it’s needed to connect to Ethereum Blockchain.

There are other ways to do this also, but this is the fastest one.The Confideal ICO is set to start on November 2, 2017, and go on till the 22nd of the same month. During the crowdsale, the platform is offering a total of 100 million CDL tokens at a price of 1000 CDL/1 ETH.

The crowdsale also has a bonus structure in place where the bonus offered is dependent on the percentage of tokens sold. Those purchasing the first 5% of CDL tokens will receive a 25% bonus, which will drop to 12% as the percentage of token sales crosses 5% and until it reaches 26%.

Further, 8% bonus for 27% to 42% tokens, 5% for 43% till 56% token sales and finally 3% bonus when total sales volume falls within 57% and 69%.With such a bonus structure in place, those purchasing the tokens early on during the crowdsale stand to receive a much bigger bonus than the ones who join in later.

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