Blockchain Company BC, is building a media and technology ecosystem that consists of informational resources, blockchains and cryptocurrencies in a unified platform environment. Users can sign up for free to curate a personal Blockchain Page from quality curated information on the platform. Following, commenting and sharing gets you points that are later converted into tokens of value.

Discover and learn about blockchain brands, dapps, utilities, protocols, tokens, cryptocurrencies, ICO's, research, use cases and media to interact with in a professional social environment. Not fake news or scammers.

Brands, businesses, enterprise and organizations can amplify decentralized assets and programmes to engage with consumers. Curate a Paid Blockchain Page for your Brand to attract sustainable consumer followers, who will engage and share your blockchain assets or media content.  Amplify messaging and marketing of your tokenized offerings, to incentivize end users engaging with your brand over the BC platform. 

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