Watch This: What New Yorkers Are Saying About:The Rise of Security Tokens (

Security Token Academy was at the NYC Crypto Mondays Meetup hosted by Lou Kerner and James Haft of CryptoOracle.

 The evening featured discussions on the rise of Security Tokens and the driving force behind the endurance of Blockchain.

 Hear from:
James Galitsis, Investor
Sunil Mirpuri, Founder & CFO, Dispozables
Ricardo Irizarry, Founder, Binary AEON

Learn more about Security Token Academy at 
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Security Tokens, utility tokens... New Yorkers bet for security tokens as more tangible and useful in this stage of Blockchain development, and this is seen as a good thing in the middle term, to protect investors and allow the ecosystem to thrive. Well watch this and let us know what is your opinion. Join us.