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B2Broker offers 3 ways to create a crypto business in just one month.
Getting involved in the cryptocurrency business has become an attractive proposition in recent times as the industry continues to grow and the use of digital currency transactions infiltrates into society. It is a very lucrative business and is a trend that is set to continue with demand for crypto-related services being satisfied by brokerages and other service providers that cater for these varying needs.

Those who want to take advantage of this expanding sphere and capitalise on these new opportunities have several ways in which they can launch a business in the crypto market. B2Broker offers 3 ways to create a crypto business in just one month.

Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Starting a cryptocurrency exchange has become a popular option as is evident from the rise and success of exchanges in recent years. One of the best and most effective ways to go about it is to implement a cryptocurrency exchange turnkey solution.

This is an increasingly popular line of business, partly due to the large number of ICO projects that need to list tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.
A cryptocurrency exchange turnkey is an ideal solution for companies or individuals with insufficient upfront capital or when one of the key factors involved in building a cryptocurrency exchange, like crypto liquidity and the trading engine are not feasible options.

Many companies have implemented B2Broker’s cryptocurrency exchange turnkey solution to provide a fast and cost-effective setup with a choice of personalised features all geared up towards creating a profitable business.

With B2Broker’s cryptocurrency exchange turnkey, you can start earning immediately from the day you launch by means of qualitative aggregated liquidity through B2BX aggregator and have the ability to list tokens and coins within 5 minutes.

Hence, you have a great business opportunity to occupy a profitable niche in one of the fastest growing industries in the world with your own branded cryptocurrency exchange turnkey solution.

Start a Crypto Turnkey Brokerage Business

Setting up as a cryptocurrency broker is another excellent way to capitalise on the growing crypto trend and choosing a professional, ready-made solution  allows you to avoid the pitfalls of doing it yourself.

Another good reason to follow this route is because the field of brokerage services in the cryptocurrency market has until now been poorly represented. As a result, there are many sub-standard crypto exchange and brokerage firms in existence even though the demand for these services is on track to grow even further.

As one of the industry leaders, B2Broker has provided many of its clients with a turnkey cryptocurrency brokerage solution using its trading platform, Trader’s Room technology and liquidity, enabling them to offer their own clients a full spectrum of services for exchange, trade and investments in cryptocurrencies with advanced trading platforms.

B2Broker’s solution allows crypto brokers to launch in a short timespan of one month and offer clients better security, trading costs and leverage than most crypto exchanges, as well as a wide range of crypto CFDs.

When implementing B2Broker’s cryptocurrency broker, clients can choose from a range of cutting-edge technologies in order to design a tailor-made solution including Trader’s Room and liquidity provision from B2BX, the biggest aggregator of cryptocurrencies in the industry.

These, along with a variety of other great features allow B2Broker to offer a complete solution.

Launch Your ICO Project

With the growth in the number of ICO projects in recent times, the need to list tokens on crypto exchanges has grown substantially. However, launching an ICO can be a major challenge with one of the main issues facing companies that decide to raise finance in this way being the best way to handle the whole process.

Pursuing an ICO on your own is a complicated process when you consider the time needed for development of the technical, legal, financial, and marketing aspects. These kind of projects from scratch can take a minimum of six months. Experienced specialists are also hard to come by as they are scarce and can also be very expensive.

An option that is proving popular in the industry is implementing a ready-made solution from a team who has already realized their project and is therefore in an ideal position to share their technology and know-how with the industry.

B2Broker offers a technical solution that completely automates the whole ICO and fundraising process. In fact, the company held its own B2BX ICO on this platform which was subsequently selected by 10 other companies to start their own ICOs.

B2Broker’s ICO platform can operate with any blockchain including Ethereum, EOS and NEM and offers many advantages including: fully customizable interface, the ability to see how many investors have supported your ICO and how much money has been raised in different cryptocurrencies at any given time, API for data transmission to the website or other external sources, a widget with exchange rates that enables an investor to see how many tokens he can buy in real time, configured crypto-processing, a secure, tested and customizable smart contract, three-level security system with tokens fully controlled by the issuer, integration with many PSPs for acquiring and processing of bank cards.

Getting Started

In summary, choosing ready-made, tried and tested technical solutions will not only save you time and money, but will help you gain a competitive advantage over your counterparts in order to achieve your financial goals.

B2Broker has a solid reputation for successfully building cryptocurrency businesses from the ground up. If you’re looking at setting up your own cryptocurrency business and would like to consider B2Broker’s Cryptocurrency Exchange or Broker turnkey solutions, or our ICO Platform, talk to us today. We’ll have you up and running in just one month!
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst B2Broker is a platform existent since 2017. If you are a broker or involved in a hedge fund, maybe interesting for you to get a foot in the crypto markets or start a business there. This kind of agencies are needed in the present ecosystem where speculation is the king. They, I suppose, will evolve together with the crypto market in the future, to provide wider services to more people.