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These blockchain technology and cryptocurrency marketing companies and PR Agencies have worked with us, this is why we can boldly say they are amazing.

There are many other cool PR agencies in the market, but you don’t really know someone until you get to chat with them, spend time with them or work with them.

Our working together with these companies have been very commendable and we are proud of them. In addition to that, these companies have helped many successful blockchain and cryptocurrency companies achieve their marketing and publicity goals.

So, if you are looking for first-hand Blockchain and Cryptocurrency marketing companies and PR Services, these are the companies to contact:



3Jennifer Spencer

4Front Lines Media

5Jargon PR

6Yellow Jersey PR

7Montieth & Company


9RedRooster PR





14Venture PR

15Notability Partners

16DM Communications

17Cryptoland PR






Every piece of technology that creates a disruption within the status quo and creates a potential for real use cases that would revolutionize the world have two things in common; Closed knit adopters and marketing failure.

The Importance of a Relevant PR and Marketing for your Blockchain Project. Take the internet as an example; a web of interconnected computers that were able to share information, the World Wide Web was a domain of the technology-oriented users.

It was not until the late 90s that the technology began to be used by the general public. The late adoption of the internet was limited by one major factor: there was no proper marketing to get the word out. Slowly, but surely, as the internet was adopted by people and organizations, the potential was utilized.

Today, it is impossible to imagine a world without it.
Similarly, the issue permeates into the latest technological revolution: blockchain. Some people may argue that the marketing and media dynamics are far different from that of the age of the internet, however, the same factors (albeit with few different numbers) play in the adoption of the decentralized technology.

Yes, blockchain technology has an access to a broader audience, through a much more faster internet and a large number of platforms and mediums that never existed at the birth of the internet itself. Yet, when it comes to marketing, many decentralized platforms use traditional methods of marketing that simply do not apply in the industry.

PRs and Marketing for the Blockchain Industry

With a major ban on blockchain related ads (especially ICOs) on major social media platforms, it is increasingly becoming difficult to use traditional digital marketing to reach out to potential users and investors. Like all other technologies preceding blockchain, the user base is still dominated by early adopters who have a special interest in it, or are actually related to the industry.

 To become mainstream and a success, blockchain platforms are increasingly now relying on professional marketing and PR agencies that specialize in blockchain promotions.

But Why a Dedicated PR Agency?

When it comes to the blockchain, the age of traditional marketing is dead. 86% of people skip TV advertisements and a staggering 91% of email users have unsubscribed from an info mail they had opted in once (Ragan).

With bans on ads in most social media platforms, there is a serious dearth of methods in which blockchain platforms can get information about themselves to a potential user.

The issue becomes acute when the platform in question intends to run its ICO or token sales. This is where professional PR agencies come in. With access to major news portals and blockchain enthusiast network, their ability to get the word out to the right crowd makes all the difference.

Another notable factor is the fraud within the industry. With blockchain generating an immense number of investments, a lot of get-rich teams have flooded the market, offering the next big thing and stripping investors of their money.

In this scenario, investor confidence is low and a right type of promotion can set a project and its ICO apart. A proper agency, when hired, can help platforms in creating a blog post, an articleor a press release that is professionally done.

Not only is the content of the material fine-tuned to make sure it grabs the attention of intended readers, but with the agency’s connections, the article, blog and press release can reach out to hundreds of potential portals and websites, connecting with thousands of investors.

All of this holds true for all kinds of targets. When it comes to large-scale investors (B2B and institutional), 80% of business decision makers get their information about a company from reputed and verified articles, rather than an advertisement (Content Marketing Institute) with 93% of all processes beginning with online searches (HubSpot).

When it comes to individuals, most of the blockchain users comprise of younger people, mostly from the Millennials group. With the youth 247% more likely to be influenced on a decision by blogs and networking sites (HubSpot).

In all cases, a well-placed PR in major news portals, dedicated discussion and informational blockchain platforms and social media presence can make all the difference in getting a small blockchain project, with a great idea and an excellent real-world application, off the ground or the project will fail.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst In the digital world we all are image. Presentation is overwhelming powerful in this business. But savvy investors already know how to filter the wheat from the chaff. Good projects need good PR, but PR only won't take you very far. The balance between these two is what can make an interesting project real and profitable.